We’ve added a collection of Site Accelerator Programs in the Web Hosting Control Panel so that you can instantly optimize the online operation of your websites. You won’t have to customize anything at all in the program code or generate particular configurations that need specialized comprehension on your part. Inside the Web Hosting Control Panel, simply pick the tool you need to employ – Varnish, Memcached and Node.js and generate an instance for it. It’s all carried out with a mouse click. By quickening your websites, you won’t only prevent your visitors from having to hang on but can even help your web site get a better position in search engine rankings.

You can find the Site Accelerator Programs in the Advanced Resources section of your Web Hosting Control Panel.


RAM–saving rather than database calls

Should you have a busy database–driven web site or application, it might have issues running swiftly for the site visitors as a result of the multiple requests delivered to the database. To aid you eliminate the page streaming problem, we have included the Memcached system in the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Memcached is really an impressive memory–based object store, which collects data and also objects in the server’s memory to avoid the database from getting asked every time a visitor opens a specific webpage. This way, your web site pages will start quicker for website visitors and will definitely improve the possibility for them to come back.

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RAM–caching as an alternative to HTTP requests

You can find many different new ways to to hasten a website, but many of these need a developer to redo the code. There are more convenient tools for increasing the rate of a site, much like the Varnish web accelerator tool integrated into our Web Hosting Control Panel.

Varnish represents a caching HTTP reverse proxy, which stores HTTP queries inside the RAM and sends them to the site visitor instead of waiting for the web server to send them. Testing show that applying Varnish on a website or an app generally hurries up website loading times with a factor of 300 – 1000x. Varnish may well also be configured how to deal with arriving queries – if they must be served by Varnish, by the server, and so forth.

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Make scalable apps comfortably

Node.js supplies a cutting–edge coding platform for forming adaptable apps and web sites in record time. It can be employed for almost everything – from managing API queries, streaming data files plus parsing e–mails to transforming photos, music files, video clips and office files.

It’s powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and also makes use of an event–driven, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it lightweight and useful. Additionally, Node.js possesses a big supporting community that produces regular enhancements to the program and is always all set to assist.

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