Not too long ago, the cPanel Control Panel appeared to be a proven front runner on the hosting scene. Its reputation grew so large that nowadays cPanel is an equivalent of Control Panel. Still, the cPanel Control Panel is based on out–of–date concepts and what was very successful a few years ago isn’t of importance presently.

For this reason, we developed the Future Profits Control Panel, designed around the concepts of these days and geared up for the tests of the day after. It is built to perform in the cloud, to be convenient to use and to also enable you to control all aspects of your online presence: website, domain and billing, all from one place.

1. Domain/invoicing/web site adjustments

The Future Profits Control Panel helps you efficiently command all your domains, e–mail addresses and sites with just a mouse click. By doing this, it will be easier to deal with all aspects of your online presence within one place.

If you require different website management tools – one for your web sites, and yet another from where you can manage your domains and invoicing, then cPanel is ideal for you. Nevertheless, you’ll have to log in 2 places simultaneously to successfully manage your web presence.

2. File Structure

In the Future Profits Control Panel, all of the web sites and subdomains are going to be independent from one another. Each individual web site can have its own folder separated from the rest in the main folder of your web hosting account. You can quickly switch from focusing on one website to dealing with another.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you’ll have a single cloud hosting account for your main site and in case you need to get other websites within the same hosting account, they’ll be introduced as sub–folders of your main web site. This could make controlling different sites definitely puzzling.

3. File Manager

The Future Profits Control Panel provides a convenient–to–use File Manager, which enables you to post data files by just dragging them in your web browser. You’ll get comfortable access to all the capabilities by handy right–click context menus. You can as well apply program code and WYSIWYG managers. All characteristics are really easy to apply.

The cPanel’s File Manager will provide you with reduced control of your files and folders. You will have trouble adding a number of files at a time and won’t be able to drag and drop files because this capability is not in fact included. A zip/unarchive functionality isn’t included either. File editing applications have also been reduced.

4. Completely free Bonus Tools

If you’re seeking to get a better value for your money, then the Future Profits Control Panel is the best answer. It has free–of–charge bonus tools that are estimated to cost you more than $1000. You will be able to employ the Instant Site Installer, Web Apps Installer, Framework Installer, Cost Free Web Site Creating Application and you’ll have access to a huge selection of cost–free website themes.

The freely available gifts packaged in the cPanel Control Panel could differ from zero to a few. All free tools inside the cPanel Control Panel are commercial software and are available to you only when your website hosting supplier has obtained a certificate to provide them. This way, if your provider free–of–cost bonus tools along with your package, they’ll in fact add to the value of the whole service.

5. Control Panel Tool Performance Speed

The Future Profits Control Panel has been engineered employing the most current Internet technologies. That way, it takes advantage of in full the power of your browser and connection to the Internet to so that you can handle your web sites fast. In our evaluation tests, when performing identical tasks, our Control Panel reached three times faster speeds as compared to well–established control panels.

cPanel continues to be performing on a system from a decade ago and will certainly slow down from time to time. The cPanel team has made a large step with the roll–out of cPanel accelerated. Even so, in evaluation experiments, widespread website management jobs frequently show greater results with other Control Panel tools.

6. Multi–domain name Control

The Future Profits Control Panel enables you to seamlessly take care of a number of websites and their domains from a single place. Each individual site will have its very own unique directory in the root directory of your hosting account and will also be fully free from the rest. In this manner, you may utilize only one website hosting account to handle as many domains and web sites as you have.

With cPanel, it is extremely hard to handle your domain names and your web sites from just one place, because the two user interfaces are split up. You will need to log into two different places anytime you decide to manage your domain settings and website file contents at a time.

7. Control Panel Menu

In the Future Profits Control Panel, you’ll be shown the most up–to–date statistics for your sites and with handy access icons to the main sections. And also, you are able to navigate around the Control Panel, thanks to the top navigation bar, which features links to all presented Control Panel sections.

On the cPanel homepage, you will see icons for all parts of the Control Panel. It means that, even though you never use a section, you’ll still see it in the index page. In addition, to switch between the different sections, you have to browse to the main page and then go to an internal section.

8. Demo Control Panel Accounts

The Future Profits Control Panel comes with a fully featured demo that provides almost every menu and function it is equipped with. You could start creating a web–site, install applications, set up email addresses, etcetera. Thus, you can obtain a far more in–depth understanding of its user interface and capabilities before you sign up.

The cPanel Control Panel provides a general demo interface that does not offer you access to the main website management instruments you want to explore. It will illustrate the way a common index page appears to be and you will have access to one or two of all available controls. All other sections will be disabled till you join.

We could mention just about every characteristic of our Web Hosting Control Panel here and evaluate it against the cPanel Control Panel. However, it will likely be quicker if you take a peek at our live demo to check out the visible difference by yourself.

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